I've been friends with Sweet+Talker (Kevin) for the last year! He's an incredibly talented musician and a super duper down to earth human being! If you like good music, check out his Soundcloud, you wont be disappointed. 

Kevin and I have done a few little shoots together over the past year. But the shoots were more like, I just happened to be equipped with a camera-- and he just happened to dress really cool (which is always!) The photos always turned out great but we figured it was time we actually planned a shoot. Finally! The opportunity came about, we decided to shoot at Malibu because we live in CA, it was a sunny day, why not shoot at the beach?! So here are some of the samples we got from our beach excursion!

 ALSO, because I shot a stripped down version of one of his songs recently, I Included that link below! Be sure to check that out as well!