Matt Bacnis

On my last visit to WA to see some family this passed December, I met up with Matt Bacnis for a refreshing outdoors shoot. We decided to drive up to Snoqualmie Pass and hike around until we found some snow! It wasn't until midway through our hike that Matt realized his shoes weren't made for hiking-- or snow. He roughed it through, and it was definitely worth our efforts.

Here are a couple images from our day at Snowqualmie! You can also check out Matt's new music video he released here.


I've been friends with Sweet+Talker (Kevin) for the last year! He's an incredibly talented musician and a super duper down to earth human being! If you like good music, check out his Soundcloud, you wont be disappointed. 

Kevin and I have done a few little shoots together over the past year. But the shoots were more like, I just happened to be equipped with a camera-- and he just happened to dress really cool (which is always!) The photos always turned out great but we figured it was time we actually planned a shoot. Finally! The opportunity came about, we decided to shoot at Malibu because we live in CA, it was a sunny day, why not shoot at the beach?! So here are some of the samples we got from our beach excursion!

 ALSO, because I shot a stripped down version of one of his songs recently, I Included that link below! Be sure to check that out as well!