Kyle Hill Sunderland

This is Kyle Hill, the drummer for the band Sunderland! I have been close friends with Sunderland for quite some time, they were actually my FIRST band shoot ever, and we have since been inseparable. They are from Hood River, Oregon--in my opinion Hood River is the greatest of cities/small towns in the whole country! It is home to some of the greats human beings as well. My wife and I look forward to visiting whenever we are given the opportunity. The fall of 2013, Sunderland relocated to Los Angeles to further pursue their music careers-- My wife and I decided to become roomies with the boys. They have been like family to us for long enough, and certain people you just click with-- Sunderland was that for us! 

Kyle is one of the most hysterical people I have ever met. He always has the house laughing with his stories, and punchlines. Besides his jokes-- he is decent at Call of Duty, great at cooking mongolian noodle dishes, he is single (ladies), -- and Kyle destroys the drums!! 

These photos were taken between the hills of Glendale and Pasadena in the really lovely canyon. We saw like 1000 deer, and found some eucalyptus trees that smelt good, and heard locals tell us about a black bear that visits every thursday to eat garbage! Pretty...weird! A day well spend at that! Enjoy until next time! Follow Kyle on twitter @kylehill