I was going through some old dusty files of my computer and I came across this shoot I shot around a year ago, with my brother in law Christian. I did some re edits using what i know now to edit and its crazy how your mind changes from year to year, month to month, and even day to day, so give it a try go through the old files and re-edit. Make it fresh.

But many of you may know my brother Christian, or might not even know we are related. He has some amazing work of his own. If not familar with it check out his instagram, and you'll understand: Christian is a very creative person, and we got on the topic of "creative-ness." Right before we did this shoot. I mentioned I haven't shot a for "fun" in awhile, and he said "We'll thats probably why you feel stuck to some degree." Then something in the lines of "I would be dead by some landmines if i didnt get to do my creative releases." For those of you that know him, you understand that to a whole another degree.

We all have people that push us, in our lives. Christian, is another one of those roots in my life. He pushes me to be creative, by holding my creativeness out of bounds that I have to jump to new steps to create. But without that conversation, and just trying to just go on that shoot, i wouldn't have developed my style the way I have in the last year. I am very thank for people like this in my life. Like my wife, Christian and many others. 

When you find those roots that force you out of your norm, go with it. Don't be scared to create art. Don't get caught up in the poltics of your art, of who's cooler, or more popular, whats in, whats not etc. etc. At the end of the day its YOUR art, take new steps to develop that.  

So thank you CJ for the inspiration.