Sugar and Spice

This is Sugar and Spice, owed by Madeline and Kay Kay; They are a fashion blog duo! They get to work some really cool people/designers. (Fun story, I've been friends with these two since 2009, before they joined forces to make "Sugar and Spice" fashion blog, and before I wanted to become photographer so we go WAYY back:P)

Madeline lives in Utah, and Kay Kay lives here in LA. So for this shoot I hit up Kay Kay to do a creative look book shoot with her, and randomly enough Madeline was actually coming in town in later that week!  We all got together and drove until we found a bunch of trees! The location was WOW and getting to collab was super fun since they are also both photographers too, Its nice to bounce ideas off them. On top of it all, Its been a few months since I got to last see either of them last, so it was nice to make up for lost time haha! 

Check out some of the images I put together, and make sure to check out their Fashion Blog here. They post some really great content, and they also do contests for clothing pieces/ awesome knick-knacks

These girls are super down to earth creative people. You WONT be disappointed on what you see:) Follow them on instagram  @MADELINEBECKER @KAYKAYBLAISDELL = @SUGARANDSPICEOFFCIAL