Wild Party

A couple weeks ago I got to work with this awesome group of artists, while they were coming through on Tour. Some really nice guys, that make some pretty cool music! They just released a music video thats REALLY cool linked at the bottom! As well as a bts video of our shoot together! 

Metro Station

This is something post I've been holding out on, for awhile... I was contacted to do a shoot for Metro station's reunion. Now today, is the day Trace Cyrus announced he is back in Metro Station! They just released their new music video called Love & War. Check it out!  Here are some of the photos we got together on our shoot. 




Plug in Stereo

Another shoot from a little bit ago, but a good one. 

Trevor and I have known each other probably since around the time we both started to get into our careers. So around 3-4 years. He came down to LA while recording some music and we decided to do a shoot @ midnight in any studio we could find. We didn't really have a direction of the shoot but just got creative with, which honestly make some awesome photos.